Car Covers For Classic Corvettes

Whether you own a classic 1954 Corvette convertible, iconic 1973 Stingray coupe or ultra modern Corvette Z06 you will need high quality Corvette car covers to keep any make or model well protected from hazards both inside and out. The Corvette has been called America’s Sports Car and the label had held up over time. Stylish in design, rumbling with power and maneuvering with precision the Chevy Corvette is one of the most recognizable high performance sports cars on the market and if you plan to drive yours or just keep it for show having a high quality Corvette car cover will keep your baby in mint condition year round. You can find great, durable and long-lasting Corvette car covers for outdoor and indoor use as well as a variety of car bras and masks to offer unique protection for the front end and lights. You’ll want the different grade of materials for a car being kept in a garage as opposed to one being stored outside especially during fall and winter months. You may also want to provide a custom fitting car mask or car bra to keep the front end well-protected while driving so dirt and debris won’t kick up and scratch the bodywork. Since many Corvettes, especially older and vintage models, are kept indoors there are several high-quality indoor Corvette car covers that can be used to keep a rare 1960 convertible or 1974 coupe in pristine condition. Soft stretch covers combine an ultra-fleece inner layer and silky smooth outer layer to offer a finely finished cover that won’t ever scratch or mark the surface of your car. A satin cover is another choice option for indoor storage and features Lycra fibre construction to allow stretching in both directions and mirrors every contour of the car shield cover exterior. With a minimum number of seams, this cover has a clean “no patchwork” look and keeps your Corvette protected against dust and minor dings while stored in a garage.

If you have to keep your prized ride outdoors be sure it is kept safe from extreme UV sunlight, rain, heavy winds, snow and other outdoor hazards including tree sap and mud. Over time all these elements can combine to wreak havoc on a Corvette body and if you want your car to stay in great shape consider investing in a high-quality outdoor Corvette car cover. There are a number of durable outdoor cover materials including polypropylene, waterproof vinyl and uncoated and untreated StormProof brand covers that are custom fit for Corvettes. Having a water-resistant yet still, breathable fabric is essential to keeping water and snow off your car while at the same time allowing sufficient airflow over the car so the cover doesn’t stick to the surface. Covers can also stick due to extreme heat caused during summer heat waves but with lightweight Corvette car covers, you can provide durable protection from the sun and not have to worry about sticking. For a great selection of Corvettes for sale as well as choice Corvette apparel including t-shirts, jackets and hats check out where you will find everything you need to live the Corvette lifestyle. Everyone rants and raves about nature and how amazing it is. This is undeniable; nature is truly wondrous. However cars, and their owners are probably not the biggest fans of nature.

The thing is that cars and nature just don’t go together. Practically none of nature’s weather schemes are good for the car. Not the sun, rain, wind, snow, and probably everything in between. The sun causes the car to overheat. An overheated car is unbearably stuffy to drive, and also the internal workings of the car get ruined when the car is overheated. In addition, the UV rays from the sun bleach the car’s exterior and make it look old and worn out well before it’s time. The high levels of acid in today’s rain means that the paintwork disintegrates in the rain. The car’s exterior is left with horrible watermarks and chipped paint. It’s not a very pleasant sight to behold. Wind is no better. As the wind flies around the place, it whips up with it all sorts of ‘goodies’. Sticks, stones and other bits of rubble get caught up in the storm and as they fly past, the scratch and dent cars. These small little nicks and dings everywhere are unsightly, and cost a pretty penny to fix up. Other natural annoyances like tree sap, bird droppings and the like, all manage to park themselves on cars. These stains leave long lasting marks on the car that are still visible long after the car has been cleaned. People, who are fortunate enough to own a Chevy Camaro, will be on this list of car owners who dislike mother nature. A Camaro is not to be sneezed at, and their owners like to take good care of them. They don’t need all their hard work, and well earned money going down the drain, whilst watching their beloved Camaro wither away before their eyes.

How To Enhance Your Automotive Hobby Experience By Collecting Car Art

There are artists who have depicted your favorite vehicle in one form or another, and you can find those artists using the resources suggested here in this article. You may favour restored vehicles, or maybe custom cars, hot rods, muscle cars, pickups, legal classics, vintage racers, drag racing vehicles, vintage antiques, or even foreign sports cars. Trust me… has been rendered in oils, watercolors, or ink artwork by someone somewhere, and you can buy it now. You just have to be able to locate what you want. Thanks to the wonderment of the internet, typing in just a few keywords into your search engine can reveal page after page of resources to review. You don’t want to look at just the first page that pops up. You may find that the first five or ten pages reveal hundreds of sources of artwork. Take time to look at a lot of these sources. Behind non-descript titles might lay fabulous renderings, many of which have found their way into the leading automotive magazines in America and other countries. It amazes me how much it costs to get prints of the top artwork when that art is done in color by a “name” car artist. Original works can run into the hundreds of dollars or even the thousands of dollars. But there is one way to enjoy it all much more cheaply…….buy the print of the original art.

Ever hear of a “rat rod”? This is a fairly new phenomenon. These are cars and trucks that have been heavily modified, made reliable with late model drivetrains but don’t have much in the way of power accessories. And these vehicles are just as likely to be unpainted as painted. Primer finishes seem to prevail. If rat rods give the impression that unfinished is cool, they have succeeded in their message. And the lower you can make the vehicle by top chopping, body sectioning, and chassis lowering, the better. Rust is the patina of choice, and headers packed with muffling steel wool (because there is no muffler system) are the order of the day. These cars and trucks look pretty obnoxious, and of course you’d be stylin’ to the max if you had tattoos up the gazebo and your lady had a pin-up demeanor about her. Go to any supermarket or bookstore and you’ll see at least three or four publications devoted to rat rods. Be prepared to grin. What did you drive in high school or slightly beyond? You’ll find artists drawing up a storm doing Cheerless, Corvettes, Mustangs, GTOs, Buick Gran Sports, El Caminos, Dodge Chargers, Riviera’s, Grand Prix’s, old shoebox Fords, early Mercury’s, etc. And then there are the incomparable inline six-powered Chevys, Chevy step side pickups, Ford and Dodge trucks, and the wide range of drag racing cars out there. Top feelers, funny cars, altered, gassers, super stocks, and modified street machines were all the rage from about 1957 through 1975 or so. Where do we find these artists and their works? Well, start by going to your local bookstore and reviewing what is on the newsstand featuring the current monthly series of car magazines. There are easily 30-40 different magazines out there, and it seems the editors can’t do some articles without help from an artist submitting a rendering or two to emphasize the article or accompanying pictures of particular car or truck types.

Then there is the internet, within which you will find lurking all types of art, online magazine issues, and websites of the artists themselves. You’ll find great renderings submitted by such artists as Thom Taylor, Dave Bell, Kenny Youngblood, Rick Wilson, Steve Sanford, and dozens of other household names in car art. You can also resource various leading car magazines, like Super Chevy, Hemming’s Motor News, Hot Rod Magazine, Trucking’ Magazine, Classic Car Magazine, Low-rider Magazine, Rudders Journal, or even Jalopy Journal or H.A.M.B. (both one and the same), and you’ll be a happy camper. One source I love is They don’t necessarily have art resources, but you’ll get an incredible car and truck fix that will hook you into that website forever. From there, you’ll get ideas about which art work to pursue in the open marketplace.

You can continue on and you will soon find multiple pages offered to you to review. It is critical that you take the time to review many pages and not just the top one or two. Most times, great sites which have just what you seek are buried along with other content, and they don’t reside in the first page or two under those keywords. I have found great content by dedicating an hour or two to review the content of the first 30-40-50 websites that pop up. If you find the first few give you the vehicle type(s) you seek, you’re lucky. And get in the practice of writing down the website URL’s that seem to be the most interesting to you. The content of these sites change, and you want in on the news several times a year. To be able to pop back into your favorite sites is priceless. Add those URL’s to your personal list of “favorites”. I do automotive art, and I am forever amazed at how widely varied the prices and shipping and handling fees are. It pays to shop not only for the subject matter and how it is presented, but shop to get the biggest bang for the buck. Of course, I expect the artists who have been out there the longest to command the highest prices. It’s just Hollywood… some get the most ink, so to speak, and they can claim a higher degree of the pedigree with their art. I also look for art that is timeless. I want my purchases to look as timely and “with it” in ten years as they do today. Not many people seek a rendering of a 2010 Mustang since subsequent ones might have more to offer visually. But, the iconic 1965-69 Mustangs will always have a huge following. Pay attention to the artists who give you a discount off the print cost per piece if you bulk order multiple renderings. It is annoying to pay a full-boat fee to an artist who should be discounted to you. You weren’t a customer before, and you expect an enticement for doing business with the artist. The most aggressive artists eager to promote their works will offer this up front without being asked.